The term organic usually conjures up images of fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs etc. but there are many other products carrying the organic label available today.

Organic September aims to encourage us to try organic products and perhaps replace one item each month with an organic alternative.  Organic products are kinder to animals, to the planet and ultimately to ourselves.

Over the past decade the UK has recycled an astonishing 50 billion plastic drinks bottles – enough, laid end-to-end, to stretch to the moon and back more than 10 times over.

This is good news for the environment - it means we're sending less waste to landfill and making better use of the natural materials that go into the products we use every day.

In recent years I've heard my kids complaining about 'July bugs'....."they fly into your hair and get stuck there and you have to have your whole head shaved!!"  Although I'd spout the usual "oh don't be so silly" secretly I'd be thinking " What are these nightmarish things.....and am I the only person who's never seen one??"

I can't ever remember hearing of July Bugs as a was the Daddy Long Legs, dive-bombing around the room, that set us off screaming and running for our lives in all directions.  July bugs?  Unheard of...

If your first instinct when you see nettles appearing in your garden is to get rid quick - take a moment to find out more about nettles, why they are important to our environment and also why they are known as 'A Woman's Weed'.  

The nettle supports over 40 species of insect including some of our most colourful butterflies and Be Nice to Nettles Week aims to encourage us to appreciate their importance.