Waris Dirie is the beautiful daughter of Somalian nomadic people. She was named after a Desert Flower (Waris) which can bloom in the harsh terrain and climate.

Waris is now a mother, a human rights activist, a former supermodel and an author who has received numerous awards for her dedication and work in the fight against female genital mutilation.

Between the years, 1927–1931, Agatha Christie introduced Miss Jane Marple, an elderly spinster in the quaint English village of St. Mary Mead, who solved all manner of mysteries with intense concentration and intuition.

Although Miss Marple is believed to be based on Agatha Christie's grandmother there is no definitive source for the derivation of the name 'Marple'.  Suggestions are that the name was either taken from the railway station in Marple, Stockport or alternatively Marple Hall which was near her sister’s home.  Christie is reported to have attributed inspiration for the character of Miss Marple to her grandmother’s friends or old ladies she met in villages she stayed as a girl.

Janis Joplin was a very talented yet very controversial figure.  In 1969, she was arrested in Tampa Florida during a gig for using vulgar and indecent language to a policeman.  She called a detective a son of a bitch and told him she would kick him in the face.  The incident arose when she became upset by the actions of the police, who entered the hall and forced fans to move back into their seats.  

She was later released on bail.

On 8 June 1913 Emily Wilding Davison was killed when she ran onto the racing course on Derby day at Epsom.

Emily was part of the Suffragette movement that campaigned militantly for the right for women to vote.

Emily joined in 1906 and was subsequently arrested 9 times for various actions from firebombing post boxes to smashing windows.